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Adventure Cycling Association
Our mission is to inspire people of all ages to travel by bicycle. We help cyclists explore the landscapes and history of America for fitness,
fun, and self-discovery.
The Test 1 Million movement is a call-to action for one million Black Americans to get tested for HIV by 2010. The Test 1 Million movement is one of awareness, personal responsibility, and collective action.

New Voices Pittsburgh is a grassroots Human Rights organization for, led by and about women of color using the Reproductive Justice framework to organize and build a powerful local movement with women of color and allies.


One man to bicycle the entire 2,028 mile
Underground Railroad to raise awareness
about HIV/AIDS in Black America 

Pittsburgh, PA…. HIV/AIDS activist Khafre K. Abif will embark on Cycle for Freedom, a 2,028- mile bike trip from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada, starting Spring, 2012. His goal is to raise awareness about the seriousness of HIV/AIDS in black communities throughout the U.S. by retracing the path of those who fled slavery and those that provided shelter. Abif's ride is to honor the bravery of the thousands of Black Americans living with HIV. Click here to check out the bike tour route.
Abif, who has been living with HIV for over 20 years, left his former job as a librarian to become a public advocate in the fight against HIV/AIDS. For the Cycle for Freedom ride, Abif is partnering with Test One Million, a campaign to test one million black Americans for HIV/AIDS.  The Test One Million campaign is a program of the Black AIDS Institute, an African American think tank seeking solutions regarding the HIV/AIDS scourge in African American communities.  

Black Americans account for more HIV/AIDS cases, people estimated to be living with HIV/AIDS, and HIV-related deaths than any other racial/ethnic group in the U.S. Currently in the U.S. there are an estimated 250,000 people who are HIV positive and do not know it. States Abif: “The community needs to get this dialogue going.  The ride is meant to get people to wake up to what is happening!” 

Partnering with HIV/AIDS service organizations in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Canada, Cycle for Freedom will promote and cause occasions for testing in black communities along the route throughout the 70-day ride. In addition to Test One Million, project sponsors include Adventure Cycling, New Voices Pittsburgh and OneLife, the latter are providers of HIV/AIDS testing, education, prevention and counseling.

To contribute, CLICK HERE to download the form. Paypal donations may be made by clicking the donate button below. No Paypal account is needed!

About the Ride

Underground railroad

Discover America's Legendary Route to Freedom

The Underground Railroad Bicycle Route (UGRR) honors the bravery of those who fled bondage and those who provided shelter. This route passes points of interest and historic sites along a 2,008-mile corridor. Beginning in Mobile, Alabama – a busy port for slavery during the pre-civil war era – the route goes north following rivers through Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Waterways, as well as the North Star, were often used by freedom seekers as a guide in their journeys to escape slavery. Upon crossing into Ohio, the route leaves the river to head toward Lake Erie and enters Canada at the Peace Bridge near Buffalo, New York. In Ontario, the route follows the shores of Lake Ontario and ends at Owen Sound, a town founded by freedom seekers in 1857. Owen Sound is located on the southern side of Lake Huron’s Georgian Bay.

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